Reports: FBI Could Wrap Up Kavanaugh Investigation Today or Tomorrow

A senior Republican senator has told reporters that the FBI investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh could be wrapped up pretty quickly.

And by quickly, the senator meant either today or tomorrow, well within the one-week deadline deal that Senator Jeff Flake got suckered into.

Republicans concerned about the optics of an FBI probe wrapping up in such a short period of time may have had their fears allayed.

“I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file,” President Trump announced on Friday. “As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week.”

Less than one week, you say?

https://twitter.com/ChadPergram/status/1046791482731053056?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener

CNN’s Dana Bash reported that a similar GOPer, if not the same one, cited a narrow scope of interviews as the reason the investigation could be completed rather quickly.

“3 key GOP Senators wanted the FBI to interview 4 people: PJ Smyth, Leland Keyser, Mark Judge & Deborah Ramirez,” she reported. “Senator tells me with that limit – FBI could be done by today or Tuesday.”

Or, you know, maybe it’s because they’ve already conducted six background checks on the man, turning up diddly squat, and it’d be fairly easy to breeze through a seventh?

Bash is acting like that is the only thing the FBI has to do for this investigation, apparently forgetting that Senator Lindsey Graham additionally requested that they look into which Democrats are responsible for leaking the accusation in the first place.

Meanwhile, Democrat lawmakers are doing their best to extend the investigation and delay the confirmation past the midterm elections.

While the GOP reasonably wants only the people cited as witnesses to the alleged assault of Christine Blasey Ford (all of whom have already denied any knowledge of the incident or the party it allegedly took place) to be questioned, Democrats want every tangential relationship involved.

https://twitter.com/frankthorp/status/1046815095953805313?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener

So who is going to get their way?

It seems unlikely that the Republican senator would be correct in having this wrapped up on Monday or Tuesday. And it seems unlikely that the FBI is planning to interview every ancillary character the Democrats are trying to dig up.

President Trump has compromised, expanding the authority of the FBI to interview “anyone it deems necessary” while reiterating it’s contingent on “the review (being) finished by the end of the week.”

It should end now, in a fair and just world, and the vote taken immediately.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • I used to be a Democrat. The raw truth of Donald Trump changed that. Abortion rights still concern me, but people should be more responsible ~ birth control does exist!

    Remember - before Brett spoke he was told to be more assertive, to show emotion, NOT to be himself - like he was in the Martha McCallum interview.

  • "This isn't simply about radical feminist's hatreds.
    Radical feminism is another organ of the now mainstream radical DNC they have one goal, to create a one party state by inciting the mobs with Stalinist like show trials. Trial by accusation, if Kavanaugh had backed down things would have been chillingly worse. The "social justice" (An oxymoron.) courts would go totally Kafka on our asses. And the DNC radicals are odd bedfellows, radical Islamists with defunct decadent Marxists, existential psychologists who preach capitalism causes schizophrenia and prescribe drugs in overdose amounts. They have already destroyed medical care in the USA and if left to their own devices would turn the USA into another Chavez run ghetto and we would be unable to buy underwear and have to eat our pets to survive.
    But what is worse is Gov Brown has now made it possible for children to choose to mutilate their sex organs.
    Ellison so far has got a pass and the sexual abuse case against him is much stronger, but how would the radical feminist movement ever have the courage to indict a black Muslim? In Qatar, female mutilation is still practiced, and Ellison would be innocent, his accuser has no male relative to support her accusation. The sharia court would put Ellison's accuser in jail for admitting she had adultery. Is that what Ellison believes? Worse, is that what the radical "feminists" ignore with the aid of the Soros, DNC controlled mass media?" cammo99

  • After six previous background checks there was absolutely nothing new to see! This was a ridiculous attempt to further delay the confirmation vote. Flake should be flogged in public for what he has done-those women who confronted him were Soros paid plants, nothing more. Lets get the vote done and confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

  • Flake should rot in Hell, with a wooden stake through his heart, as soon as possible. Dan Bongino thinks Flake is auditioning for a gig on MSNBC. Thanks Arizona, for screwing up conservative politics with McCain and Flake.

  • Just when I thought I couldn't despise democrats any more, this happens. Every last one of them deserves to be strung up, then covered in honey, and tossed into fire ant mounds.

  • The investigation should have never started since this man has already been investigated 6 times by the FBI. Clinton,Comey, and George Soros should be the ones being investigated. This Ford woman's shyster lawyers were well paid by Soros and so was she.

  • I'm getting tired of Gov't leadership , FBI , and people who we expect to do there job saying, This "could" lead to a prison term. This "could" be grounds for imprisonment. Lying to the hearing "could" be a crime , not telling the truth under oath "could" be a crime. REALLY ???. If Ford is proven to of lied to the Senate confirmation Hearing she "should" not "could" be convicted and put on trial.

    • she seems to be a wacko. they would have to prove she knew she lied before she could be prosecuted. the democrats probably have this covered so she couldn't be prosecuted..

  • McConnell should hold off on voting until he has real promises that at least 50 senators will vote yes, then it will be up to VP Pence to break the tie.

    • Most of us NEVER this was about Professor Ford's alleged sexual abuse. It's all about delaying a vote until the mid-terms when the Dems HOPE to win enough seat's to deny Trump's SCOTUS pick.

  • Absolutely, WRAP UP this redundant investigatory process into Judge Kavanaugh and THEN concentrate on EVERY SINGLE "insane dimwit" demo/commie Senator - -let THAT investigation last for three, or four months and NAIL EVERY ONE OF THEM TO THE FLOOR Then, "censure and expulsion" will be in order; get RID OF THEM permanently. IF Judge Kavanaugh had ever done any of these atrocious things, the FIRST SIX INVESIGATIONS would have brought them to light. Talk about "wasting time and money" - - the only thing "insane dimwits" are really noted for.

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