Sen. Brian Schatz Says It’s a Crime to Lie Before the Senate – Implicates Christine Blasey Ford

Like Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, her male equivalent senator, Brian Schatz, continues to bring great embarrassment to the Aloha State. (RELATED: Hawaii Dem Sending Fund-Raising Emails During Ford Testimony.)

Sen. Schatz, like his fellow Democrats, has spent the past two weeks conjuring up plenty of pointless and paranoid objections to the confirmation of Brett Kavnaaugh to the Supreme Court. It’s truly a sight to be seen, as Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re only acting this hysterically to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation indefinitely. Whether or not Christine Blasey Ford is actually a victim is secondary to them.

Take the case of the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh Democrats have been demanding. Did anyone in their right mind actually think an FBI investigation would shut them up? Of course not. The second an FBI investigation (which would be pointless) was approved, the narrative changed from “we need an FBI investigation” to “even if the FBI exonerates Kavanaugh, it doesn’t matter.”

See this example from ultra-liberal Senator Chris Murphy.

Sen.Schatz, meanwhile, accidentally made the case that Ford could face legal penalties for her testimony. “Lying to the Senate is illegal. That’s all for now,” he wrote in a tweet. He followed that up with another: “Sorry. One more thing. It’s not like it’s ‘technically illegal’ or something. It’s legit illegal. With penalties and such. OK that’s it.”

Take a look:

He was trying to take a dig at Kavanaugh, but, seemingly, couldn’t find a single example where Kavanaugh was untruthful in his testimony. Ford’s testimony, on the other hand, was full of contradictions. She had a number of inconsistencies during her remarks. (RELATED: Rachel Mitchell Details Multiple Inconsistencies in Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s Account.) Here is a quick summary:

When Was the Party?

  • In a text to The Washington Post, Ford claimed the assault happened in the “mid 1980s”
  • Ford told Dianne Feinstein in her July letter that the assault happened in the “early 1980s”
  • By September 16th, Ford narrowed down her timeframe to the “summer of 1982”

Who Heard Who?

  • In her letter to Feinstein, Ford says she heard Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge talking to other party-goers after the assault, as she hid in the bathroom. In her Senate testimony, she says she couldn’t hear them downstairs.

How Many Party-goers?

Ford’s claim under oath that there were “4 boys and a couple of girls” at the party contradicts prior accounts from Ford and her lawyers. In her letter to Feinstein, Ford claimed that there were “four others” present. She also told The Washington Post that there were “four boys at the party”

A Fear of Flying

  • Ford’s lawyers cited a fear of flying as an excuse for delaying Ford’s testimony. Under oath, Ford testified that she flies all the time as part of her work with an Australian consulting firm, to visit family on the East coast, and to visit Hawaii. She also flew to the hearing.

Who Attended the Party with Ford?

  • Ford says she attended the party with friend Leland Keyser, who Ford apparently left alone in the house she was assaulted in. Keyser has no recollection of the party or any assault. We’re also supposed to believe that Keyser didn’t follow up with Ford as to why she suddenly disappeared from the party, and that the alleged attempted assault was never mentioned to Keyser.
  • Ford blamed Keyser’s refutation of her claims by stating that “she [Keyser] has health problems and needs to be taken care of.” Something tells me we wouldn’t be hearing about Keyser’s supposed health problems if she corroborated Ford’s account.

All these inconsistencies aren’t necessarily lies – if Ford’s memory truly is faulty. But if that’s the case, why believe her on details regarding the assault, given that everything else she remembers is so inconsistent with reality?

And as a final point: Sen. Schatz’s words shouldn’t be forgotten. If it’s proven that Ford lied under oath, which could be found this week during the FBI investigation, she could be in major legal trouble.


Matt is the co-founder of Unbiased America and a freelance writer specializing in economics and politics. He’s been published in The American Thinker, Rare, The Foundation for Economic Education, The Ludwig von Mises Institute, and National Review. He is the author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left. Follow him on Twitter at @MattPalumbo12.

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  • Ford should be prosecuted. She lied and caused unforgivable damage to a decent man, his wife and children. She is a horrible person.

  • For had her double doors installed years before she revealed the reason for the double doors is that she was sexually assaulted in the past, at a party that no one attended. A good Democrat man to keep her. Of course Democrats, like Muslims encourage lying to advance their agenda. A Democrat résumé enhancement. Yes a Democrat résumé enhancement.


  • One thing I found very interesting was how 'as a result of the trauma' her memory was affected to where she forgot that her grandfather was yahdedah de dah, she forgot her father was yahde dah, do dah, all very important people in the FBI. She FORGOT her father's and grandfather's illustrious careers, but she could remember the names of people at a party 36 years ago? She remembers a bathing suit worn under her dress, but doesn't know how she got home? Give me a break!

  • Try this on for size - nothing happens in a vacuum. When all of the circumstances of the testimony are taken into account (all females on the Ford side are pussy-hat wearing anti-Trumpers, lawyers and politicians inclusive, the timing and manner of release, yadda-yadda) the inconsistencies mean but one thing . . . a complete sham and all is fraudulent. People keep excusing Ford as simply mistaken, and that SOMETHING had happened to her - something did indeed happen. Trump was elected. THAT is what happened. She is consciously lying and is perpetuating a fraud.

  • I simply cannot believe how OUR US SENATE has ALLOWED a CIVILIAN to completely DICTATE how this thing is going to play out.

    As soon as Trump announced the terms of the investigation, her attorney said "THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH" and started adding more conditions.

    WHO the HELL does this lowlife loser think she is???

    And, for the record,




    They are getting on Kavanaugh for his response to the Senate last Thursday. I have a question for the Democraps:

    If someone was FALSELY attacking YOUR family, YOUR law license, YOUR JUDGESHIP, AND YOUR FUTURE, wouldn't YOU have the SAME response???

    I certainly know I would.

    • Old indian proverb, to understand another, you have to walk a mile in his or her moccasins. Evidently, dems don't practice commonsense respect for the individual.

  • What of the lies the "Senators" are guilty? The defamation of character committed by this noble group of lowlifes? Feinstein's obstruction of justice? And the pussywhipped republicans? The whole "F" ing bunch of them should be thrown in jail!

  • Very fitting for the Current Game the Democrats are pulling on Kavanaugh. I hope he seeks the Fathers wisdom! They will be exposed as well as all that support the lies and transgressions!

    I wonder what they are going to do if it comes out that she lied. A fake. HUM, No justice nor courts need to exist when people like this don't believe in the due process unless it suits them! Sad. I'm sure in their lifetime they might be blamed for something they did not do, I hope they get their right to a fair trial! Or Maybe they don't want that apparently! IDIOTS!
    Please, Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing because they are following a deceitful party

    “Heavenly Father, I am so thankful for Your love for me and the forgiveness of all my sins. I choose to not listen to the lies of the enemy when he brings up my past. I know what Your Word says and I believe what You say. I will not be defeated by the enemy’s lies, and I will not accept his lies. I will speak words of praise to You instead, giving all honor and praise for what You have done. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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