America is stunned after learning that on Thursday Night, a jury in San Francisco, California, cleared illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate of the 2015 murder of Kate Steinle.

The evidence was clear against Zarate, a convicted felon, who should not have been the country to begin with, and was deported five times. He shot and killed Steinle while she was walking with her family. He was allowed to remain in the country thanks to San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city.

Zarate was found not guilty. President Donald J. Trump immediately condemned the shameful verdict on Twitter:

Just now, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders released her own statement on the verdict, and said, “criminal illegal immigrants like him, should never be allowed to threaten our citizens.” She noted it’s time to close America’s borders and stop sanctuary cities.

Here is the full statement. This is incredible:

Yesterday’s verdict in San Francisco underscores the danger to public safety when our Nation fails to enforce its laws. Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported from the United States five times. He, and countless other criminal illegal immigrants like him, should never be allowed to threaten our citizens. It’s more important now than ever for Congress to secure our borders and provide the resources, including more ICE officers, needed to deport criminal illegal aliens and to finally stop sanctuary city policies that cause needless loss of innocent life. Politicians who fail to address these needs share responsibility for preventable crimes committed against innocent Americans.

Had San Francisco enforced our Nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones.

Sanders is exactly right! If San Francisco cared about federal law, then Kate Steinle would be alive today. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing San Francisco to protect illegal aliens.

Please share Sarah Sanders’s powerful statement with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The liberal media doesn’t want you to know who is really to blame for the death of Kate Steinle.

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