2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Wednesday night that activism in the streets should continue, including protests and shouting “when necessary.”

In the far-ranging interview, Harris vigorously attacked President Trump and Republicans on civil rights, health care, and the courts.

“People are scared,” Harris told Maddow.

“You’re right. Civil rights are on the line. Workers’ rights are on the line. Consumer rights are on the line. Health care is on the line. These — all of these things are at stake. You are absolutely right.”

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Harris Says Taking Back The Senate Is Crucial For Democrats

“And the only point that I can make to hopefully relieve some of that righteous fear is, we have an election coming up.”

Harris then made the point that the upcoming election is about more than just the presidency.

“And it’s not only about the White House,” Harris said.

“It’s about the Senate. And, you know, I’ve been in the United States Senate for three and a half years. And I’m going to tell you something, I’ve been serving on this Judiciary Committee for a little while.”

“The Senate makes decisions about who will be in these lifetime positions on these courts,” Harris said, appearing to acknowledge the current confirmation hearings for President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett.

“Right now, we don’t have the majority in the Senate,” Harris went on, referring to Republican having control of the Senate currently.

Kamala Appears To Accuse Trump Admin Of Racism In Judge Selection

Then she started accusing the Trump administration of racial bias or racism.

“And so what have we seen?” said Harris. “With Donald Trump and this Senate, we have seen nominations — because I’ve been there. I’ve witnessed it on the Judiciary Committee. I mentioned this in the debate — Rachel, 50 nominations and confirmations to the United States Court of Appeals for lifetime — lifetime appointments.”

“Do you know of the 50, not one person is black?” Harris declared. 

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Harris: ‘Let’s Not Stop Protesting’

That is when the California Democrat called for continued protesting.

“So there is one thing we can do among the many things,” Harris continued.

“Well, let’s not stop protesting. Let’s not stop being active. Let’s not stop speaking up and shouting when necessary.”

“And let’s vote,” Harris finished.

“And let’s vote, guys. Let’s vote.”