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Just Before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump Just Received Incredible News!

Super Tuesday

Tomorrow is the defining moment for the 2016 Republican presidential primary. If the Republican establishment wants to stop Trump, they have to do it now, or accept him as the nominee for the November elections.

They are counting on limiting Trump’s appeal in states which have many moderate-leaning Republicans such as Ohio and Florida, hoping for a rare delegate fight at the RNC convention in Cleveland.

But this new CNN poll is amazing news! Even as his closest competitors and the liberal media are attacking him, Trump has actually EXPANDED his lead among likely Republican voters and conservative independents across America.

Trump has 49% of the vote, with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at 16% and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) at 15%. Ohio Governor John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson are at 10% each or less.

This poll is devastating news for Trump’s opponents, especially with these details: Trump is leading among likely Republican voters who are college educated, those who live in suburbs, those who make more than $50,000 or more per year, and Republicans under age 55.

That means the media template that Trump’s success can be attributed simply to angry, working-class whites in the South is entirely false. This just changed the conversation about Super Tuesday, and has caused a political earthquake among the party bosses!

Also, not only are they more likely to support Trump, but Trump also is making people excited to show up to the polls:

Trump’s supporters are incredibly enthusiastic about the coming election, and largely committed in their support for him. Nearly 8 in 10 say that they are more enthusiastic about voting this year than in previous elections, among Republicans who are not supporting Trump, just 39% say they are more enthusiastic than in years past. Likewise, 78% of Trump’s backers say they will definitely support him vs. 22% who say they could still change their minds. Among those backing other candidates, 57% say they are committed to their chosen candidate.

The survey asked those Republicans not currently backing Trump whether they would support him if he became the party’s nominee, and just a quarter of Republicans overall say they probably or definitely wouldn’t support him in November. That’s about the same as the share saying they wouldn’t back Rubio or Cruz.

Trump is widely viewed as the candidate in the field who would be most effective at solving the country’s problems, 51% vs. 17% for Cruz, 13% for Rubio and 10% for Carson, and as being best able to handle the responsibilities of being commander-in-chief, 48% say so, compared with 17% for Cruz and 15% for Rubio. The billionaire is also seen as the one who best understands the problems facing people like you, 46% Trump vs. 18% Cruz and 15% Rubio.

As twelve states are having primaries tomorrow, it’s clear that his opposition didn’t come out swinging hard, early enough. Trump has a major reason to smile going into Super Tuesday.

What do you think about these latest poll numbers for Donald Trump? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!