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Just Before Saturday’s Vote In SC, Trump Received AMAZING NEWS!


The 2016 Republican presidential primary campaign has never been more heated. South Carolina, a key primary state with a history of major upsets, is being bombarded with advertisements and door-to-door volunteers before Saturday’s vote.

Now, the final polling data is coming in and Reuters just gave Trump’s campaign incredible news… Not only is he continuing to lead the polls, he has more than TWICE the percentage of his nearest competitor… Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)!

With a still-crowded field and with Dr. Ben Carson’s surprisingly strong supporter base, Trump is leaving all the competition in the dust, with more than 40% of likely Republican voters.

When Trump wins, he isn’t messing around!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.42.53 AM

Among voters in South Carolina, Trump has a 16 point lead above Cruz, with just days to go before the official vote.

And, as voters indicated in this new CNN tracking poll, an overwhelming majority believe Trump would change the way things work in Washington, D.C. This means voters are hearing Trump’s bold message of “making America great again” and embracing it! Incredible….


If these numbers doesn’t scare the political establishment, nothing will.

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