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Just After Winning The Super Bowl, Peyton Manning Did Something AMAZING! (WATCH)

Peyton Manning

Just after famous Quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, he thanked God! As an American patriot and proud Christian, Manning is not afraid to tell the world that God made everything in his life possible.

Then, when asked if this was 39 year-old Manning’s last game in the NFL, he said something that was quite humble and profound:

You know, I’ll take some time to reflect. I’ve got a couple priorities first. I want to kiss my wife and kids. I want to hug my family. I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy. I promise you that. I’m going to take care of those things first. Then I’m going to say a little prayer and thank the man upstairs for this opportunity.

This is part of a larger message Manning explained in his recent book:

My faith has been number one since I was thirteen years old and heard from the pulpit on a Sunday morning in New Orleans a simple question: ‘If you died today, are you one hundred percent sure you’d go to heaven?


Some players get more vocal about it … But I don’t do it, and don’t think it makes me any less a Christian. I just want my actions to speak louder, and I don’t want to be more of a target for criticism than I already am. Somebody sees you drinking a beer, which I do, and they think, ‘Hmmmm, Peyton says he’s this, that, or the other, and there he is drinking alcohol. What’s that all about?’

He concluded:

Christians drink beer. So do non-Christians. Christians also make mistakes, just as non-Christians do. My faith doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven.

What a great message from an incredible role model! Clearly, he has his priorities straight – his focus is on his family and his own spiritual well-being. He has shown us all what being a true Christian is all about. He wants to pray, be with his children, and have a few beers.

You have to see this incredible post-game interview. WOW:

Via YouTube

He noted that he’s very much “at peace” that his career may be over. But what really happens next is in God’s hands.

What do you think about Peyton Manning’s words about his faith? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!