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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Mary says:

    I used to like Napolitano at first until a few years ago when he made the astounding remarks about James Comey being the rock of gibraltar, and a go to guy, upright, etc. Well we know that is not the case don’t we.
    Comey is a political leech and hack of the worst kind and Napolitano has the same ideology as Comey. Ever wonder why the Judge isn’t a Judge anymore..? dah.

  2. Ernest says:

    Looks like stupidity is a contagious illness! Indicted for what? Jaywalking in front of the Trump Tower in New York?

  3. Davison says:

    Napolitano is either being paid off or has come down with TDS over the last few months. He seems almost gleeful to report propaganda about the President. He will be proved wrong once again.

  4. 173rdHerd says:

    Who gives a rat’s arse what this Eddie Munster looking POS “never Trumper” Judge has to say about anything. He has lost all credibility and should be banned from Fox News. His terminal TDS makes him more suitable for CNN or MSLSD.

    1. Lee says:

      Holy crap! You said exactly what I was going to say! I will add one thing, this goofy idiot is wrong, as much as the Ninth circus court in Mexifornia! His analysis is wrong about 80% of the time!!

  5. Gizmo says:

    The head of the snake (Muellar) needs to be chopped off

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