What’s that saying about hell and fury and woman scorned?

Because if you take the temperature in Arkansas right now, I bet it’s hotter than damnation.

Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who claimed to have been raped by former President Bill Clinton back when he was running to be governor of Arkansas, is out for blood.

As more and more liberals come forward and renounce their previous support of Clinton, Broaddrick wants vengeance. And how.

Can you really blame her? For decades – yes, decades – she was tarred and feathered as an attention-seeking charlatan. No liberal believed her story. When conservatives stuck up for Broaddrick, they were ridiculed for believing the word of an obvious crank.

Well, not no more! Liberals are coming out in droves to apologize to Broaddrick after snubbing her for so many years. Even the New York Times came to her defense:

Now, with so many people finally lending credence to her story, Juanita is going on the attack. She’s blasting NBC for refusing to broadcast the interview she did with the network when Congress was holding impeachment hearings for Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


It’s true. NBC didn’t broadcast Broaddrick’s emotional interview explaining the Clinton rape until after the impeachment hearing was held and Clinton was acquitted. Had the interview aired, it could have swayed opinion on Clinton.

Here is the original interview:

The American people deserve the truth. Broaddrick has been blackballed by the media for decades. Now that the Clintons are washed up, it’s politically expedient to believe Broaddrick’s allegations against Clinton.

There’s something very, very fishy about all of this. Surely, it didn’t take Harvey Weinstein’s downfall to know that Clinton was a perv. He was caught red-handed assaulting a young woman in the White House! We already knew he was a creep. Was it really beyond the pale to imagine him raping a woman while he was still a relatively unknown political player?

The question should be asked, and should be investigated. After so many years of being ignored and mocked, Broaddrick deserves that much justice.

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