Joy Behar hit a new low on her ABC talk show “The View” on Monday when she shamelessly used a cringeworthy moment of former Vice President Joe Biden’s to attack the First Lady Melania Trump.

Biden’s Nibbles On Wife’s Finger

The Daily Caller reported that it all started when the women of “The View” were discussing a photo that surfaced over the weekend of Biden nibbling on his wife Jill’s finger as she helped him kick off his “No Malarkey” tour in Iowa. Unsurprisingly, the cohosts of the liberal talk show rushed to Biden’s defense and tried to paint him in a positive light.

“I thought it was silly and, like, they clearly still love each other and are playful,” the usually-conservative voice of reason Meghan McCain said of the moment.

“I think it’s adorable, and it’s just kind of a reflex,” added guest host Yvette Nicole Brown. “You put your finger in someone’s face, they kind of go for it. It was a reflex. It was sweet.”

Should Joy Behar Show the First Lady More Respect?

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“That’s what I did with Bernie Sanders when I did Bill Maher with him years ago,” said Abby Huntsman. “He kept going like with his with his hands. I did not nibble. You have to do something. Everyone sees it’s uncomfortable. I thought in that moment, they look like they’re very happy, and frankly he needs to do more of that. That’s his soft side.”

Behar Attacks Melania

That’s when the notoriously radically leftwing Behar inexplicably took the opportunity to hit Melania below the belt.

“They seem to like each other though, still. Melania looks like she’s at a funeral half the time,” Behar said. “Not for nothing.”

Where did that come from?!

Behar Disrespects Barron

This is far from the first time that Behar has attacked the family of Donald Trump. Back in 2017, when Melania decided to remain in New York City for the first few months of her husband’s presidency so that her 11 year-old son Barron could finish out his school year, Behar resorted to disrespecting the little boy on live television by referring to him as “that child.”

“Somebody find this out for me, the price that we’re paying for losing the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts, because we are paying for this woman to live in New York with that child,” Behar said at the time.

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It’s one thing to dislike the president, but it’s quite another to hate him so much that you constantly attack his family, and that’s unfortunately exactly what Behar does. When Barack Obama was in office, anyone who attacked his wife and daughters was immediately publicly shamed for being “racist,” and Behar deserves that same treatment for what she is doing to Melania and Barron.

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