Joy Behar Claims America Will ‘Survive’ If Biden Dies In Office – But Won’t If Trump Wins

Joy Behar
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Things got weird on “The View” once again on Tuesday when Joy Behar claimed that America would be alright if Joe Biden were to die in office, adding that the country would not survive if Donald Trump were reelected to the White House.

Behar Sounds Off

Fox News reported that Behar made these comments during a segment in which she and her co-hosts discussed “media chatter” over Biden being 80 years-old and reports that his team are trying to make an effort to ensure that he doesn’t fall down again.

“The question is this, let’s say, God forbid, Joe Biden dies in office. Isn’t that still okay for the country? The country will survive it. But if Trump wins, the country will not survive it,” Behar said. “That’s a fact.”

Co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked in the Trump administration, disagreed by saying that she does not see the world in “such black and white terms.” However, she was quick to add that she hopes that Trump will not be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

“Trump’s not going to beat Biden,” Behar dismissively predicted.

When Griffin said that she did not want to see a repeat of 2016, Behar waved her hand and replied, “He already beat him in 2020 and he beat him by a lot. He’ll beat him again.”

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Concerns Over Biden’s Age

Co-host Sara Haines had expressed her reservations about Biden’s age earlier in the segment.

“We keep couching it in front of Donald Trump and President Biden and there’s a fair and critical argument to be had here about age when you’re looking at this,” she said. “It’s not about ageism. Not all people of a certain age are built the same way and very soon – there was an article yesterday – we’ll be living to be possibly 120 years old, so age is arbitrary right now.”

“But it is fair because there are people handing over leadership positions when they feel they’ve hit that point. We talk all the time about how much this office ages presidents,” she continued “Look at President Obama, and then President Obama, and he was a young man, look at every president.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg claimed that Biden is “still doing the job,” but Haines refused to back down.

“Donald Trump has way more than age against him like, literally I would take someone 98 next to Donald Trump. I will take anything,” she said. “The age conversation needs to be had.”

Check out this full segment in the video below.

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Behar Defends Biden

Behar has previously tried to use the fact that she is also 80 years of age to defend Biden.

“Joe Biden and I are the same age,” Behar said earlier this year. “Would you say I could not do my job for the next four years? Of course I can.”

“And the haters can go stick their heads in something, because I’m not moving out of this seat,” she added.

When Haines revealed that Behar is so flexible that she does “splits backstage,” the 80 year-old liberal proceeded to lift her leg and place it on the panel’s table.

Behar and Biden were born just one month apart in 1942, with her birthday being on October 7 and his being on November 20.

Behar has long been one of the most shameless liberals in all of the media, so it comes as no surprise that she’ll take any opportunity that she can to defend Biden. Her latest comments about the current president, however, just go to show that Behar is still hopelessly infected with Trump derangement syndrome.


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