Joy Behar: Armed Lockdown Protestors Are “Terrorists”

Joy Behar

“The View” cohost Joy Behar said that any of the protestors who are out campaigning against the lockdown that bring guns to the rallies are “terrorists.”

Behar: The Lockdown Works

Speaking on The View on Monday, Behar said that she felt “very lucky” to be able to work from home, and that she “feels for these people who are losing their jobs,” but that the lockdown and quarantines must continue despite the negative economic impact.

“They have to understand that they can infect other people. You know to paraphrase Patrick Henry, give me liberty and give me death is what they are basically proposing because a lot of people are going to die because of this behavior,” she argued, adding that “self-quarantining, whatever you want to call it, besides distancing and PPE’s, has been working. It works.”

Behar argued that the Swedish government, “one of [her] favorite countries,” had “really screwed up” by not implementing a proper lockdown.

“They have had this policy where everyone can go out and do what they have to do and use your own judgment don’t gather in groups more than fifty people, which is a lot of people, by the way. They have closed the schools, yes they have, but people are going to restaurants,” she noted, and clarified that this has resulted in Sweden having “17 times the [coronavirus infection] rate of their fellow Scandinavian countries, Norway, Finland, etc. So it has not worked. It doesn’t work.”

You Can’t Call People Terrorists For Exercising Their Rights!

She went on to argue that the current protestors against the lockdown in Michigan and other states are “being egged on by right-wing media and people like Alex Jones, like Rush Limbaugh. Why are you bringing guns to a rally?  You want to call yourself protesters leave your guns home,” she argued. Behar decried those that brought guns to the ralles as no more than “terrorists.”

What a ridiculous, and frankly elitist, attitude to take. You can disagree with the protests without labelling anyone who participates as “terrorists,” just because they’re exercising their Second Amendment rights! Behar should take a long, hard look at herself, but knowing her, she thinks this is totally fine to say in the first place!

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