George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley offered a great defense of President Trump on CNN while explaining why it was OK for the president to help Donald Trump Jr., craft a statement on his meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya.

You know what happens on CNN programs when it comes to the panel turning on Trump defenders – everything goes nuts. However, Professor Turley nails it on why the media, never-Trump Republicans, and Democrats have undermined their own credibility.

Turley blasts the constant witch hunt being conducted, with all of Washington trying to take down Trump. The Left knows that the only way to stop Trump’s agenda is to dial everything up to 10, and get outraged about everything he says and does.

All of this is intended to create an aura of negativity, suspicion, and questionable ethics, even if it’s all bogus. The Left doesn’t care. All the Left care about is stopping Trump, any way, any how.

Source: Breitbart

Turley said that while it wasn’t a good idea for the president to get involved in the crafting of the statement, it “is not witness tampering. It doesn’t even come close to that standard. You know, there wasn’t any plan for testimony on this point. But more importantly, it doesn’t meet the statutory definition.”

He added, “We have to be careful that everything the president does is not some perpetual motion machine under the criminal code. Everything he does is not necessarily a crime. It can be ill-advised. It can be even moronic. But, there is an effort to try to find crimes in everything that occurs here. There are serious problems here. There’s a legitimate investigation going forward. This was a remarkably bad idea, but I don’t think we should start talking about witness tampering.”

Turley concluded the segment by arguing that the statement was misleading “spin,” but spin isn’t a crime, “Otherwise, most of what happens in this city is a crime.”

Turley is such a breath of fresh air: He’s a “liberal” who tries to stay true to what he believes but doesn’t jump on every nutty theory just because it helps “his” side.

He’s one of the few liberals left who actually wants his ideas to win because they are right, not because they are popular, or because he can embarrass someone on the other side.

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