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Bernie Surrogate And CNN Contributor Jonathan Tasini Wished God Killed Republicans on Amtrak Train

What is it about Bernie Sanders that turns his fans into homicidal maniacs?

Last summer, a Sanders supporter shot up a baseball field of Republican congressmen, severely injuring Rep. Steve Scalise. While President Trump is constantly criticized for his fiery language that induces some to violence, Sanders escaped criticism, and continues to do so.

Now, a surrogate for his campaign has openly wished for the death of Republicans in the Amtrak train wreck in West Virginia earlier today. Take a look at this now-deleted tweet posted in the wake of the deadly accident:

Tasini has come out and apologized for the remark, clarifying that he doesn’t work for CNN:

Ah, you see, it’s OK to wish death upon Republicans because they’re racist and evil, get it?

The Washington Free Beacon dug up more details about Tasini’s background and role in the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign by quoting from the New York Times:

The Vermont senator who is battling [Hillary Clinton] for the Democratic nomination has invited Jonathan Tasini to join him on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Saturday. While Mr. Tasini might not be a household name these days, he is quite familiar with Mrs. Clinton, having challenged her in a primary contest for her Senate seat in New York in 2006.

Something tells me both Hillary and Sanders won’t be calling this guy for any more favors.

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