John Stossel Points Out What Liberals Get Wrong About Disaster Relief

Do you think the government has a role in cleaning up natural disasters? Well, then, you must be a socialist after all!

That’s according to my liberal friends, at least. It’s certainly a bizarre tactic I’ve seen liberals use to try and make socialism more palatable: Cite basic services like education, police, firefighters, or disaster cleanup, then claim any conservative who supports them must be a hypocrite (Do they think we’re anarchists?). Socialism means government control of the means of production (land, labor, and capital), so their argument literally makes zero sense.

Conservatives aren’t going to argue that the government should have no role in disaster cleanup – who would? What we will point out, however, is that private disaster cleanup has proven itself much more efficient than government relief. Remember, in a socialist economy there’s no competition, and thus no options. We have a combination of public AND private disaster relief efforts in America, so the two are complimentary. But for a liberal to argue that “you believe the government should  help cleanup natural disasters” and therefore “you must support government control of health care” is nonsense.

After leaving Fox Business, John Stossel joined ReasonTV. The man has a longstanding challenge where he’ll grant $1,000 to anyone who can prove the government is capable of providing anything more efficiently than the private sector, and it still remains unclaimed.

And even with disaster relief, the private sector does it better.

Watch below:

As he states in the video:

“In 1906, the massive San Francisco earthquake and fire that followed destroyed 80 percent of the city. The city was rapidly rebuilt because it was done by the private sector, not cumbersome bureaucracies. Companies like Johnson and Johnson shipped in rail cars full of donated medical supplies.

“Federal rebuilding creates moral hazards that lead to expectations of even more government help.”

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