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Former Obama Official Praises Trump’s National Security Team

Nick Givas on August 10, 2017

Former Obama State Department Spokesman John Kirby praised President Donald Trump’s national security team Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” saying Trump is doing a “commendable job” forming an international coalition to deal with North Korea.

“I think his national security team has done a commendable job trying to put together a multilateral, international, interagency approach to solving this problem,” Kirby said.

However, he warned that Trump could undo that progress by continuing his erratic behavior.

“It is all rendered harder for them when he goes off and pops the way he did at the golf course the other day about fire and fury,” Kirby said. “That undermines the very good effort that this team has actually put forward.”

Kirby said the president has a right to be frustrated, as he is dealing with escalation the likes of which no other president has faced with regard to North Korea.

“I don’t begrudge the president for bemoaning the situation that he has found himself in, and what he has inherited,” Kirby said. “He’s right, this is much more dangerous than any other president before him has had to deal with.”

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