Former Secretary of State under Barack Obama, John Kerry, asserted that America under President Trump’s policies has become “a very dangerous place.”

Kerry made that assessment in an appearance on ‘Hardball‘ on MSNBC.

The man who helped implement the failed nuclear deal with Iran first claimed the President almost “bumble(d)” his way into a war with the rogue nation.

Kerry proceeded to go off on other topics …

“He has obviously not achieved anything with North Korea,” he claimed. “He pulled us out of the Paris agreement.”

Kerry then fretted, “Americans are already dying from [climate change] … So we’re in a very dangerous place.”

AOC would be proud of such unhinged rantings.

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Kerry is Scary

Kerry reiterated his determination that the world is less safe under President Trump, mocking him as a petulant child for an incident that took place at the NATO summit in London last month.

“What is worse, our president, the president of the United States of America, the leader of the of free world goes to a meeting of NATO in England and the leaders of the rest of the world are laughing at him,” Kerry suggested.

“So much so that he picks up his marbles like a kid in a schoolyard and goes home and then starts to just tweet in solitude.”

“We are in a dangerous place, and I think people know it,” he added.

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America Was In Far More Danger Under Obama

John Kerry might be sporting a long face not because Trump represents a danger, but because he’s dismantled the dangerous policies set forth by him and Barack Obama.

What’s more dangerous we ask – Trump kicking Iran in the teeth and watching them back down or …

  • Undermining American foreign policy by advising our enemies on how to circumvent the President of the United States?
  • Sending pallets of cash to Iranian leaders who frequently chant ‘Death to America,’ knowing full well it would be used to fund terrorism?
  • Combatting terrorism by sending musician James Taylor to sing ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ to our allies?

No, America was a dangerous place under Kerry/Obama. A place where terrorism was allowed to flourish and our enemies appeased at every turn.

President Trump’s election stopped all of that.