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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. fresch says:

    Why not lay off ? I’ve been laid off the week of Christmas!
    I know, let’s stop the government for a week for a dead president (any party), crock of poo. One day only, Congress needs a lay off. They did the same thing last time the GOP had full power… nothing.
    Time to pull your money out hide it and go on welfare.

  2. pete says:

    since when do we pay attention to politico

  3. Sam says:

    Please, Mr. President, get rid of anyone who objects you or your actions to MAGA! Be gone! To heck with those who want to hinder you! I will take a position, for free, to serve you! I am loyal, I am a Nationalist for America, I am a Constitutional/Conservative Christian citizen, I have no agenda but to do or fulfill your will. I trust God to lead meg in all ways, He is the first I speak to every morning and He has never let me down! Please don’t back down from this important issue…so many American citizens support you, and we need to do better in letting our Congress and Representatives aware of *exactly* what we want!

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