John Bolton: Republican Leaders Need To Tell Voters That Trump Lost

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On Sunday, former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton said that President Donald Trump and other Republicans’ claims of election fraud are “baseless” and that Republican leaders need to tell their voters that Trump lost.

Bolton made his comments to ABC News’ Martha Raddatz after tens of thousands of Trump supporters marched in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

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Bolton Says Trump Doesn’t Have A Leg To Stand On Regarding Election Fraud

“Well, I think it’s very important for leaders of the Republican Party to explain to our voters, who are not as stupid as the Democrats think, that in fact Trump has lost the election and that his claims of election fraud are baseless,” Bolton said.

“The fact is that we’ve seen litigation in all the key battleground states, and it has failed consistently,” Bolton added.

“Right now, the Trump campaign is doing the legal equivalent of pitching pennies,” the former Trump adviser said.

“Where are their silver dollars? Where is the evidence?”

Bolton then accused Republicans of falling for tricks by Trump.

“I think as every day goes by, it’s clearer and clearer there isn’t any evidence,” Bolton said.

“But if the Republican voters are only hearing Donald Trump’s misrepresentations, it’s not surprising that they believe it.”

Bolton Wants Republican Leaders To Turn On Trump

Bolton believes Republican leaders should come out and refute Trump’s claims about the election.

“It’s critical for other Republican leaders to stand up and explain what actually happened,” Bolton insisted.

“Donald Trump lost what, by any evidence we have so far, was a free and fair election.”

Remember who John Bolton is. He has a bone to pick with Trump.

After months of contention, Trump fired Bolton in September 2019.

The two had repeatedly clashed over foreign policy – with Bolton promoting new wars, military attacks, and a Bush-era foreign policy.

Trump has famously opposed that policy, promising to get the U.S. out of decades-long wars, and securing numerous peace deals in the Middle East.

Bolton Is Mad That Trump Opposed His Foreign Policy

Bolton, who has never seen a U.S. war or potential war he doesn’t like, has been perturbed by this since the day he left the administration and no doubt throughout Trump’s entire presidency.

To use just one example, recall that in 2018, Bolton advocated a pre-emptive war against North Korea – a year before the historic summit where Trump crossed the de-militarized zone and met peacefully with Kim Jong Un. 

Regarding the election, and whether there was fraud or enough of it to swing the results, remains to be seen as litigation pends. 

That at this point John Bolton wants the worst for Donald Trump in any scenario is a foregone conclusion.

President Donald Trump didn’t take Bolton’s Sunday comments lightly.

“John Bolton was one of the dumbest people in government that I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ to work with.”

“A sullen, dull and quiet guy, he added nothing to National Security except, ‘Gee, let’s go to war,” Trump noted. “Also, illegally released much Classified Information.” 

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“A real dope!” Trump finished.

A real dope indeed. And one of the worst people to ever hold a high position in American government.

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