Joe Scarborough Rips ‘Trump Cult’ – Tells Them To Get Help From ‘Mental Health Providers’ Instead Of Church

The MSNBC host Joe Scarborough launched a vile attack on supporters of Donald Trump on Thursday morning, saying that those who believe him are in a “cult” and should “get help from mental health providers.”

During a segment on “Morning Joe” about the COVID-19 pandemic, cohost Mika Brzezinski said, “The question is why others won’t lead to save the lives of the American people. Here we are at 274,000 deaths, and that is shocking because it is stupid that we’re here. It’s downright stupid.”

This was enough to cause Scarborough to unleash his deranged hatred for Trump on the world once again.

Scarborough Goes Off

“You know, the thing is that the president knew,” the MSBNBC host said. “He admitted it to Bob Woodward. It’s all on the tapes. I have had friends over the course of the year say the stupidest things to me, the most ignorant things to me. No worse than the flu. That masks don’t do anything.”

“Oh, this is going to magically disappear the day after the election day. You know this is all just a conspiracy to try to defeat Donald Trump,” Scarborough added. “It’s going to go away afterward. Anthony Fauci has cooked this all up so he could make billions of dollars off of vaccines. It’s all a scam. And it’s not.”

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Scarborough Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Scarborough proceeded to double down by disrespecting seventy million Trump-supporting Americans.

“The people inside the cult and inside the Trump cult that actually believe this is a conspiracy because if you do, you are inside of a cult, and it’s dangerous, and you need to get help from mental health providers. I would say you would need to go to church, but unfortunately, there’s so many liars behind the pulpit right now who are spreading Donald Trump’s lies.”

They are worse than the religious leaders that Jesus called out when he was — he was doing — in his ministry. So it’s hard to find people, I guess in some communities, that won’t lie to you, but just know this. Donald Trump himself is on tape, and you can check it out on the Google machine and — or go next door. Maybe your friend has a Google machine. But before you do, please don’t stick your hand in that blender. It’s not good for you. But if you do — if you just do a basic search, you will say Donald Trump knew all of this was true. All the way back in February.”

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Scarborough Calls Trump Supporters ‘Stupid’

He went on to call Trump supporters “stupid.”

“The president lying through his teeth to members of his cult, that are stupid enough to believe that he actually cares about them and cares about more than the stock market and actually is telling the truth about it not coming back in the fall,” Scarborough said. “Because if you believe Donald Trump and politicians who has been lying through the entire presidency more than you believe doctors and medical officials, then, yes, you’re a member of a cult, and you need to get help.”

Unfortunately, this kind of vile hatred towards anyone who supports Trump has become common in the mainstream media. What a disgrace.

This piece was written by James Samson on December 3, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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