Joe Scarborough Claims President Trump ‘Would Kill Reporters If He Could Get Away With It’


On Monday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said that President Donald Trump would “kill reporters” if he could get away with doing so. 

The “Morning Joe” host has long been an anti-Trumper and once again used his program to criticize the president, this time for how he behaved during his “60 Minutes” interview on “CBS Sunday night.”

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Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump Resembles An Autocratic Leader From Eastern Europe’

Trump ended his sit down interview with reporter Lesley Stahl early, as shown during the broadcast Sunday night. The President released an unedited version of his interview earlier in the week.  

Scarborough accused Trump of dodging Stahl’s questions. The MSNBC host then made the far out claim that Trump would be worse to reporters than Russia’s Vladimir Putin if the President could “get away with it.”

“It’s really fascinating at this point to look how much Donald Trump resembles an autocratic leader from Eastern Europe, whether it’s Belarus or whether it’s Russia,” Scarborough said.

He continued. “Actually, though he kills journalists, Vladimir Putin on camera actually seems a little more willing to answer tough questions when they’re asked of him.”

“Donald Trump can’t even handle that,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough: ‘Trump Would Kill Reporters If He Could Get Away With It’

Then Scarborough made his outlandish and unfounded comparison to Russia’s leaders.

“Of course, Donald Trump would kill reporters if he could get away with it,” Scarborough insisted.

He followed up, “I think even his strongest supporters would admit Trump would do whatever he could get away with.”

Then Scarborough appeared to suggest Trump was a tyrant.

“It’s unfortunate for him that he actually is in charge of the executive branch in a country with a Constitution that was written by James Madison and others who actually foresaw the rise of tyrants, and figured out a pretty damn good effective way to hold them at bay,” he finished.

Some lefties on social media thought Scarborough was on to something.


This is not new for the MSNBC host. In September, Scarborough said Trump “would shoot us if he could.”

“This is a man who would do anything,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said. “I don’t think he’s leaving. I think he will try to cheat to stay and do whatever he can to create chaos and scorch the earth around this country and get what he wants.”

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“I think it’s not debatable anymore how far this man will go, how low he will go, and how dark his soul is,” she added.

That’s when Scarborought said, “Mika, I said several weeks ago, the man would shoot us if he could.” 

Fear mongering is what the left does best. Is there no low that the anti-Trump Joe Scarborough and his ilk won’t sink to?

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