MIA On Memorial Day: Joe Biden Didn’t Take Part In Any Events Monday

Most presidential candidates go out of their way on Memorial Day to attend or take part in events honoring America’s fallen soldiers, but not Joe Biden.

The top 2020 Democrat had no events scheduled and particularly nothing that involved meeting with military members or visiting the graves of those who gave all to honor their memory.

Biden’s last campaign event was in Philadelphia last Saturday.

“I promise you this – no one – no one – is going to work longer and campaign harder to win your trust and support than this son of Catherine Eugenia and Joseph Biden!” Biden said in his speech.

Besides a few fundraisers, Biden’s campaign has been inactive since the Philly rally. Breitbart reached out to the Biden camp for comment but received no response.

In comparison with his fellow Democratic opponents, Breitbart reports:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg attended a Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony and a parade in South Bend, Indiana, on Monday, and Sen. Bernie Sanders held a series of ice cream socials with voters in New Hampshire on Monday and outlined his anti-war foreign policy on Sunday.

Biden did send out a Memorial Day tweet:

President Donald Trump delivered a Memorial Day speech Monday from the USS Wasp stationed in Japan.

“Whether on the battlefields of Bunker Hill, on the beaches of Normandy, in the jungles of Vietnam, or in the mountains and deserts of the Middle East, brave Americans of every generation have given their last full measure of devotion in defense of our country, our liberty, and our founding ideals,” Trump said in his Memorial Day proclamation. “On Memorial Day, we humbly honor these incredible patriots and firmly renew our abiding commitment to uphold the principles for which they laid down their lives.”

“Those who rest in the hallowed grounds of our country’s national cemeteries laid their lives upon the altar of freedom,” the president continued.  “Today, as we unite in eternal gratitude for the sacrifices of these extraordinary Americans, let us also offer a prayer for lasting peace.”

These are the proper heartfelt remarks of an American president. Those seeking to become president would do well to put in the same kind of effort to remember and honor our brave fallen heroes, too.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • I served in the New Jersey Army National Guard for over 8 years. I exerted myself, attended OCS and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant after graduation. I attended weekly training sessions and full weekend training one weekend a month. I also spent 3 weekends and the intervening weeks participating in summer training activities mostly in Upstate New York. I begrudged NONE of that time. It was invested in securing our country and I was for that.

    However, I will never forget the video of VP Biden;s son Beau with his Army Reserve Unit, a Payroll Unit for heaven's sake, curling his lip at being lined up at Dover Air Force Base prior to his unit being shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan. Wherever they were being sent, they were a Finance Unit and would never see combat yet Beau Biden seemed totally put out that he, for get the rest of his unit, but that HE was being removed from his normal life and sent off to some God forsaken place in the world to cool his heels. The picture of him, Beau Biden with his mouth curled up, was totally unacceptable. That seems to be the way Joe Biden operates. He was a nothing in the Senate and is a nothing in my mind for any other political office he might seek!

    I suggest that the media go back and get the file video of Beau Biden's Reserve Unit at Dover AFB preparing to deploy. Just disgusting.

  • I appreciate it. I've traveled to many countries, including Somalia and North Korea. We have the best country here and people are trying to tear it up.

  • In his message, Biden said, "Our troops are the heart, soul, & spine of America". What does that leave for him and his fellow socialists? Armpit? Butt?

  • Oh come on!! Leave Joe alone already. Joe is a very patriotic man and he loves America and humbles himself for the sacrifices of those who gave their lives so that Joe and all of us can be free people. It's just that he must have been busy running around to find young women to feel up so he would be able to celebrate his own memorial day. At least he found the time to send a tweet between fucksssss! Give him credit at least for that and leave him alone! He's one of Dem! I salute you, Creepy Joe! Don't forget to stand up now and then and show America your limp flagpole, and don't let the door hit you in the assss on the way out.

  • Joe Biden is a great patriot compared Traitor Big-Mouth Trump, the draft dodger who refused to serve in Vietnam, and his worthless sons who never served in the military. In fact, NONE of the crooked Trumps (grandfather, father, Trump, or sons) ever served one day in the military., whereas both of Biden's sons did. Biden does not insult war heroes like John McCain.

  • Does Biden have a brother? Because we all know he is a lazy SOB and could not have been referring to a himself when he made the remarks about the son of his parents "working hard"!

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