Joe Biden Says Record High Heat Means More Money Must Be Spent On Climate Change

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said that record high temperatures in Portland, Oregon meant more money must be spent on “natural infrastructure” to combat climate change.

Biden made his comments to reporters during a trip to Wisconsin to promote infrastructure spending, as Portland reached temperatures as high as 116 degrees.

For reference, KENS 5 out of San Antonio reports that its 30 degrees hotter in the Pacific Northwest than it is in some parts of Texas. 

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Biden Mocks Republicans Over Global Warming

What did President Biden deduce from the abnormally high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest?

Biden said, “Anybody ever believe you’d turn on the news and see it’s 116 degrees in Portland, Oregon?”

“One hundred and sixteen degrees!” the president exclaimed.

The president then appeared to mock those who question the wisdom of those concerned about climate change.

“But don’t worry, there’s no global warming. It doesn’t exist,” Biden said, sarcastically. “It’s a figment of our imagination.”

Biden said that thanks to climate change the United States would need to prepare for extreme changes in weather. Which, of course, would also means more federal dollars to confront this menace.

Biden also discussed the local ramifications.

“When a severe storm rolls in like you had in some parts of the state just recently, the power is less likely to go out,” Biden claimed. “Town water systems will be able to withstand what happens if we make these investments.”

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Biden Insists More Federal Dollars Needed

Biden said, “As climate change induces extreme weather events more and more frequently we need to make investments to build a more resistant grid.”

The president then insisted more federal dollars was the answer to fixing this problem.

Biden said more money was needed to reinforce and strengthen levees, and repair coastlines from hurricanes.

“It’s going to strengthen and revitalize our natural infrastructure,” the president said.


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