President Joe Biden was dismissive on Sunday when he was about former President Donald Trump possibly visiting the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden was asked this question by a reporter as he returned to the White House after spending the weekend at home in Delaware.

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‘I Don’t Care What The Other Guy Does’

Biden said, “We are putting in place a plan that I feel very confident about.”

The president then added, “And I don’t care what the other guy does.”

When asked if he had plans to visit the border, Biden did not answer.

Trump said he was interested in visiting the border during an interview on Fox News on Saturday.   

“Thousands and thousands of people are coming up right now as we speak,” Trump said. “And you’re going to have millions of people pouring into our country.”

“And it’s going to destroy our country,” Trump added.

Border Crisis Worsening

Biden recently appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the effort to handle the crisis at the border, but the administration has noticeably struggled to date to get a handle on it.

When asked, neither Biden nor Harris has fully committed to visiting the border as of yet. This is despite record numbers of migrants from Mexico, Central and South America coming north toward the U.S.

The Border Patrol’s detention facilities are bing overwhelmed in the process.

Last week, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Biden “doesn’t understand what he is doing when it comes to the border.”

Particularly by tapping Vice President Harris to fix the problem. 

“I would gladly work with her, but she doesn’t understand what has generated this problem,” Graham told Fox News.

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Graham Thinks Biden’s ‘Radical Agenda’ Will Help Republicans

“This is not a Trump problem,” Graham added. “This is a Biden problem.”

“It’s pretty hard to fix a problem if you don’t know what the problem is,” Graham said.

Graham also believed Biden’s decisions will help the GOP,

Sen. Graham said, “So, I think the Republican Party is going to come roaring back because this radical agenda will not go well with middle America.”


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