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Jobless Liberals MAD AS HELL About Awesome Sign Displayed By Honest Employer (MUST SEE!)

no liberals sign

Unemployed liberals are not happy about this brutally honest sign hung by a local company.

The office, based in Columbus, Ohio, noticed they were short staffed and needed to hire more employees. But hiring new people is an expensive investment. And that’s why the employer designed to get straight to the point, with a badass message!

Clearly, the owner is a Republican who knows exactly how to run his business. And liberals are furious!

The sign reads:

Job Applicants Please Note:

We do not hire LIBERALS.

This is not because we disagree with their political views.

It is because working here requires superior reasoning, logic and reading comprehension skills, and in our expertise liberals are deficient in this area.

We have found that they make decisions based on their emotions, not logic. This would be very detrimental to our business.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Of course, liberals were not happy about this sign, after it went viral on social media. Instead of understanding how businesses work, they act on emotions and promote laws that are not in the best interest of job-creating businesses. I’m sure liberals would also not be happy about this office probably allowing anyone to carry firearms to work, just in case a criminal tries to rob the office.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, and there’s nothing wrong with an owner wanting mentally stable, smart people working for him. I fully support this sign… Don’t you?

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