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Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s Mesmerizing Nip-Sync Version Of ‘Ebony And Ivory’

Despite claims by the left to the contrary, the election of Barack Obama as President didn’t help calm race relations. If fact, if reactions to voter ID laws, the Trayvon Martin case, and basically every episode of crazy Al Sharpton’s show are any indication, racial tensions are worse in America. Can’t we all just get along?

However, I’m pleased to report that Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show is doing his small part to help make the world a better place by recycling the classic song made famous by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (and later, by Eddie Murphy & Joe Piscopo on Saturday Night Live), “Ebony and Ivory.”

In this version, Jimmy joins Terry Crews (from Old Spice TV commercials and Everybody Hates Chris) in a special rendition involving chest muscles. Prepare to laugh and snort!

(Via The Tonight Show)