CNN’s Jim Acosta Needs His Credentials Stripped After His Latest Antics

CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently ‘liked’ a tweet about impeaching the President for ‘disgracing the office’ and sent a vulgar private message to a former aide in the Trump administration.

While we are loathe to hold people accountable for their ‘likes’ on social media, Acosta is letting his guard down on his already incredibly biased work as a “journalist” at the network. It is yet another sign that the CNN primadonna needs his credentials stripped, posthaste.

Peter Daou, a former adviser for Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, made up a wild rationalization for impeaching President Trump which included ‘violating rules and norms.’

In other words, because he’s not the ‘bow to other world leaders,’ ‘yes sir may I have another,’ weak-kneed pushover that his predecessors have been, he must be impeached.

We’re old enough to remember when impeachment was meant for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Not for being super mean and failing to be a boring stiff.

Acosta liked Daou’s open fantasy of impeachment, dropping the last remaining pretense of impartiality.

Acosta’s Incivility

Aside from approving of impeachment theories with no basis in reality, Acosta was recently caught in a vulgar exchange with a former director of operations for First Lady Melania Trump.

After whining about the music being too loud at a Trump rally, Acosta got hit with an epic blast from Justin Caporale, who leveled him with a ‘dear diary’ reference.

Acosta responded as all level-headed reporters do … by sending him a direct message saying, “f*** you.”

My word. That kind of behavior is startling, especially considering Acosta’s pearl-clutching after Kanye West dropped an f-bomb in the White House.

Fragile Jim

‘Are you okay,’ is a question we often have to ask about Jim, fragile ego and all.

Still, this vulgar reporter is the same man who whined after Trump supporters greeted him with shouts of “Go home, Jim” and “fake news Jim” at a rally this past summer.

It’s the same man who, after another rally in which he was on the receiving end of some verbal taunts, complained that “it felt like we weren’t in America anymore.”

He was so rattled, CNN began pushing a lie that Acosta’s life was in danger at these rallies.

Now he’s resorted to privately harassing people associated with the administration.

Time to Revoke His Credentials

President Trump has oftentimes threatened to take away credentials from ‘fake news’ outlets.

“Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt?” he wondered. “Take away credentials?”

Why not start with Acosta? The CNN reporter does little more than grandstand. He makes every story about himself and his efforts at being an opposition warrior.

Now the press corp’s resident court jester is harassing Trump supporters by sending vile private messages and promoting impeachment fantasies with no basis in reality.

It’s time somebody more capable of fairly reporting the administration was given his seat in the press room.

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