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California Governor Jerry Brown Won’t Rule Out 2020 Presidential Run

Most Americans are well aware that California is one of the most, if not the most, liberal state in America. It’s population is full of Hollywood elitists and far-left politicians that have driven the state into financial ruin.  And its current governor, Jerry Brown, has brought more of the same to the failing state.

California has been controlled by Democrats by years, and its politicians have created an anti-business climate that has discouraged companies from investing in The Golden State.

Despite all of California’s problems, the state’s 78-year old governor, Jerry Brown, won’t rule out a 2020 presidential run, believing he can bring his failed liberal policies to the national level.

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During a news conference aimed at promoting his plan to rebuild his state’s crumbling roads and highways, Governor Brown hinted his political career won’t end after his tenure as governor is up.

From The San Francisco Chronicle:

“I don’t think I’m running for office,” he quipped during a news conference as he stood on an unused Concord road flanked by by a sea of orange-vest-clad construction workers and more formally dressed politicians, including state Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount (Los Angeles County).

“I only have lieutenant governor, treasurer and controller left,” Brown said. Someone in the crowed shouted out: “President.” “But I’d be 82 then,” he said, pausing. “Don’t rule it out.”

The liberal California governor has been a vocal critic of President Trump, openly promising to confront the White House’s policies on immigration and a myriad of other issues.

During a recent interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Brown warned the president, telling him “We’re the innovation capital, high tech, agriculture, 40- to 50-billion-dollar industry. You don’t want to mess with California, because you’re going to mess with the economy, and that could blow up in your face in a gigantic recession and roll the Republicans right out of this town.”

Given that millions of Americans viewed Hillary Clinton as out-of-touch with the average voter throughout the 2016 election, one can only imagine what these same individuals would think about the governor of one of the most liberal states in America.

Do you think President Trump would love a challenge from Governor Jerry Brown in 2020? Share your thoughts below!