Jen Psaki Claims Republicans ‘Comfortable’ With Biden Because He’s an Old White Guy

Jen Psaki argued that many Republicans are actually "comfortable" with President Biden because he's "a white man who's older."
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Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued that many Republicans are actually “comfortable” with President Biden because he’s “a white man who’s older.”

Psaki’s assessment came during a conversation with Joy Reid, host of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut.”

Reid began by defending President Biden after he took yet another brutal tumble on Thursday after delivering a speech to graduates at the Air Force Academy.

Biden has fallen more times in the past few years than most people will in a lifetime, and that’s just the times we’ve seen him on camera. Who knows what’s happening when he’s wandering around his beach house or in the White House away from media coverage?

Reid suggested the President has a “misunderestimated thing” but “keeps delivering” even when people cast the 80-year-old curmudgeon as too old.

She then asked Psaki if Biden is “so enraging to the right because he is so normal.”

Here he is being “so normal” and “underestimated” …

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Psaki: Republicans Like Biden Because He’s Old and White

Psaki responded to Reid’s assessment by suggesting President Biden somehow escapes criticism from Republicans because he has characteristics that appeal to their base.

“Well, if you look back, Joy, to 2020, they were trying to figure out how to take him out. They can’t make him extreme. They can’t really make him offensive,” she claimed.

“I mean, one, he’s a white man who’s older, so you know he is comfortable to many in their base,” added Psaki.

Psaki went on to suggest that Republican strategists back in 2020 were secretly concerned about Biden as a candidate because “people aren’t freaked out by him.”

Virtually everything she said is untrue. Most Republicans welcomed Biden as a candidate because he was frail of mind and body and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rigors of a campaign.

The only reason he was successful is that his campaign kept the “white man who’s older” locked in his basement so voters couldn’t see who he really was.

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Vast Majority Think Biden is a Disaster

You have to love Psaki’s ‘Opposite Day’ moment, trying to convince you that Biden being an older white male, the very people Democrats and the media absolutely despise, is actually a good thing.

But no, Republicans don’t view him as a comfortable person to have in the White House. In fact, most Americans think if he is re-elected in 2024 it will be a “disaster” or “setback” for the nation.

Just watch CNN’s Jake Tapper practically fight through tears and trauma to deliver that news.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden in our new CNN poll,” Tapper said.

“While the president leads his Democratic competitors by a huge margin, two-thirds of all of the American people surveyed, 66% of the public say that a Biden victory would either be a setback or a disaster for the United States.”

“When it comes to how voters see Joe Biden and another presidential term, I mean those are some bad numbers,” he admitted.

Those bad numbers seem to indicate Americans do find Joe offensive. They do find him to be extreme.

And they certainly don’t feel comfortable about having the elderly guy who can’t stand upright at any given moment continue on as President until he’s closer to 90 than 80.

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