The hunt to determine what the Russians did or didn’t do regarding the 2016 Presidential election moves forward. Former FBI director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a confrontation that proved Trump right and confirmed Comey as a hypocrite and a partisan. Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has recused himself from all matters of the Russia investigation will testify before the committee.

Sessions will be grilled by his former colleagues in the Senate about his multiple meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyek as well as what information he has to share about the investigation.

More via the New York Times:

Mr. Sessions, who was a surrogate for Mr. Trump during the campaign, recused himself in early March from investigations related to the 2016 election. He removed himself after it emerged that he had met at least twice with the Russian ambassador in 2016, though he had testified at his confirmation hearing that he had not had contact with Russians

AG Sessions has had no contact with the operation of the Russian investigation; we can assume that Senators will ask him about his meetings with the Russian ambassador and why he failed to disclose them.

Sessions “meetings” with the ambassador were hardly noteworthy. One was a meeting in his office while Senator with his deputies present. Something normal for a Senator to do. The second was merely in passing during a reception at the Republican National Convention. Hillary’s staff, as well as various other Democratic officials, met with Russian diplomats around the same time. Let’s also not forget that Hillary received millions from Russia before deciding to give them access to key North American uranium reserves.

All of this is a distraction. Democrats have admitted that there is zero evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Even reports of direct Russian meddling in elections are suspect. Despite a leaked memo last week detailing possible incursions by Russian hackers, the Obama administration gave no warning to state-level elections officials. Obama himself claimed he ordered Putin to “cut it out” in September of last year.

As this investigation tarries for months, the American people will grow tired of it. They voted for President Trump to lead.

Share your thoughts, will Sessions’ testimony reveal anything new? 

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