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Democrats Want Jeff Sessions to Remain Attorney General After Firing

I nearly did a spit-take on election night when Fox News’s Mollie Hemmingway described the Democrat’s platform as “orange man bad” – because it literally couldn’t be any more accurate. I’m actually convinced that if Trump were to endorse open borders tomorrow, Democrats would suddenly be calling for the wall to be built ten feet taller. It seems that the Democrat platform is now just the opposite of whatever Trump wants, and that’s on full display when it comes to the firing of Jeff Sessions. Democrats demanded Jeff Sessions be fired, now, they’re demanding an investigation into Trump firing him!

Here’s Elizabeth Warren when Sessions was hired:

And when Sessions resigned, it suddenly brings our nation “one step closer to a constitutional crisis.” I guess Warren should blame herself for this coming crisis?

Nancy Pelosi echoed much of the same, calling for an immediate resignation.

And after he did resign (or as Pelosi puts it, was fired), Pelosi declared that there was no other way to interpret it than Trump trying to undermine Justice.

And here’s Cory “Spartacus” Booker, before:

And after:

Rep. Jerry Nadler said that the DOJ couldn’t possibly tolerate Sessions as leader after he took the position as AG.

And now the DOJ apparently needs Sessions.

Hawaii’s Senator Mazie Hirono used Session’s appointment to AG to blast him as anti-immigrant, and accused him of dog whistle racism.

Yet now she’s mad at Trump for firing a man she characterized as an anti-immigrant racist last year.

And Kamala Harris:

While she hasn’t addressed Sessions’ resignation on Twitter (or been quoted publicly in any news articles giving her opinion), where would you place your bets on how she’ll react?

This should serve as yet another reminder that politics is 1% fact, 99% narrative. This is mass hysteria, and it’s being perpetrated by members of our own government.