The rumors and snide comments made by liberals about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s past testimony before Congress concerning collusion with the Russians came to the fore today.

Senator Al Franken, the former funny man and liberal senator from Minnesota, tried once again to pin Sessions down for possible Russia collusion, implying that he committed perjury back in January during his attorney general confirmation hearing.

Trump’s AG wasn’t having any of it. For months, Franken has gone to every liberal media outlet in the country, and cried that Sessions lied under oath. Democrat Party mouthpieces have parroted Franken’s claim.

Enough was enough.

Sessions, who is normally a laid-back southern gentleman, took the kid’s gloves off. He smacked down Franken in epic style, stealing that gross smile off his face.

You can view the whole exchange below:

How humiliating for Franken. Getting shut down like that in front of your colleagues is a colossal embarrassment. But that’s what he gets for spreading the nasty lie that Sessions lied under oath.

As Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review at the time, the charge that Sessions committed perjury was a fallacious and malicious smear. Sessions didn’t deny that he spoke to Russian government officials during the course of the campaign – he denied that he spoke to them as a Trump surrogate. That’s a completely different thing. As McCarthy put it, “The context, established by Franken’s questioning, elucidates that when Sessions denied communications with Russians, he was denying that he had spoken with Russian officials as a Trump surrogate, particularly in any relation to the misconduct described in the dossier.”

I hope whatever bruises Sessions’s words inflicted on Franken stay there for a long time. That’s the only way liars learn.

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