Former ‘The View’ co-host Jedediah Bila was recently shut down during an interview on the ABC program after she said she was not vaccinated.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Let’s address the elephant in the room because you were supposed to join us in the studio weeks ago, but you couldn’t because ABC has a very strict policy. You can’t get into this building unless you’re fully vaccinated.”

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Bila: ‘I have a medical exemption to the vaccine’

“Everybody in this room knows that and is vaccinated, but you made a conscious decision not to get the vaccine,” Behar said. “Now the CDC says a person is ten times less likely to be hospitalized from COVID and 11 times less likely to die if they’ve gotten the vaccine, okay?”

“So why didn’t you get it?” Behar asked.

Bila said, “I want to let people know why I’m not there. I have a medical exemption to the vaccine that’s been written by my infectious disease, vaccinated specialist in New York City that’s been co-signed by three other doctors. I’m not a candidate for this vaccine.”

“I also have sky-high multi-tier, multifaceted natural immunity, very, very high that has also been proven,” Bila added. “It has been shown, and it is substantiated by letters from these doctors.”

“For me personally, this vaccine poses a greater risk than benefit,” Bila said. “I’m also not a risk to any of you. There has been a lot of debate about that but I have doctors who have gone on record about that as well.”

Bila went on, “My point about all of this is I am not anti-vax. What I really want is for people to make these decisions for themselves.”

“I want every one of you to sit with your family members, to sit with your trusted doctors, and to say, what is the best decision for me?” Bila explained.

She then gave her opinion on vaccine mandates.

“However, I do oppose mandates,” Bila said. “I oppose them on the fact that, let’s look at the science. This is a vaccine that was created to prevent severity of disease and to prevent hospitalizations.”

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‘The View’ Hosts Shut Down Bila

“Now we can have a whole debate on that in itself, but the vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID,” Bila claimed. “It does not prevent you from transmitting COVID.”

Behar interjected in shock, “Oh my goodness! That’s not so. C’mon! You have been at Fox TV too long.”

Contrary to Behar, the CDC and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky have stated that fully vaccinated individuals can spread COVID to others.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said to Bila, “I don’t understand why you would prioritize your personal freedom over the health and safety of others.”

“I don’t think we should allow this kind of misinformation on our website,” Hostin said. “We have had the United States surgeon general debunk everything that you’ve just said. I don’t think we should allow this kind of misinformation on our air.”

The program then quickly went to break.


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