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What Jeb Bush Announced Could Actually be the END of His Campaign for President

Jeb Bush

The Jeb Bush campaign just announced something that might signal the beginning of the end for his presidential campaign – he’s slashing salaries for people working on his campaign.

From Politico:

Jeb Bush’s campaign slashed hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries over the last three months as the struggling candidate’s fundraising machine slowed to a more middling pace, new campaign-finance reports indicate.

No longer able to raise unlimited sums with his super PAC, Bush hauled in $13.4 million in the third quarter of the year for his campaign. That’s more than all of his GOP rivals except Ben Carson. But Bush also spent more than many of them, leaving him with about as much money in the bank as Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz has more.

Bush’s campaign once saw its size and staff as its strength. But the newly released campaign-finance reports indicate it could be a liability if fundraising slacks further.

More than 60 Bush staffers might have had their salaries cut or their positions changed to reduce their income, compared with the second quarter of the year when Bush announced his candidacy, the campaign-finance reports show. The campaign did not want to discuss the numbers. But the pay cuts, depending on whether the salaries are divided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, could have saved the campaign anywhere from $450,000 to nearly $900,000 per quarter, according to a POLITICO analysis of the campaign’s payroll. The cuts have ranged from the small for some staffers ($12 a week) to large reductions for four of the top campaign chiefs who each took a $75,000 pay cut.

Yikes!! How would you like a $75k cut in your salary?! The average American doesn’t make anywhere near that!!

Remember this was exactly what led to Perry exiting the presidential race – he shut down many of his offices because the money dried up. Now it may mean that Jebby is just cutting down so that he can stretch his campaign out longer, but either way it’s not a good sign for fans of the Jebster!!

If you’re a fan of Jeb and want to show your support, or you’re a campaign aide whose check has bounced, check out this page about all things Jeb Bush!!