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Jay Stephens Explains Why College Made Her a Conservative

“Have you ever heard the old saying that a conservative is just a liberal who had been mugged?”

Jay Stephens opens a new video at Prager University by asking this question. The old saying was popularized in the 1960s, during a nationwide crime wave. Naturally, the saying was coined due to the historical fact that conservatives have been tough on crime.

Johnson herself had been mugged – financially – to the tune of $60,000 a year for college, incurring plenty of debt in the process. And what did she learn for all that money? As she quickly discovered without any conservative bias, she discovered that she was being fed liberal propaganda.

Jay Stephens, who accumulated tens of thousands of dollars of debt to finance her education, found that she was only paying for leftist professors to indoctrinate her. After she graduated with what she admitted was a useless degree, she managed to get a job in the private sector, or the “real world” as it could be put.

But enough of my commentary, hear what Stephens has to say for herself as to why college made her a conservative.

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