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Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Scandal Linked Directly to Obama – Trump’s Lawyer Cofirmed

Jay Seculow of the American Center for Law & Justice – who is now an attorney for President Donald J. Trump – made a shocking accusation on his Tuesday radio show. He said he has discovered an email that connects the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting scandal directly to the Obama White House.

We’re learning more about this meeting, and it’s clear it was the point in which the Clintons were able to avoid criminal prosecution charges, which once seemed likely.

This is a stunning development, as Obama Administration alumni are denying involvement and are trying to protect their legacy. After all, their efforts didn’t work out as planned and Trump won the election despite this extraordinary level of corruption on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Watch as Sekulow explains the email, and then plays a clip of former Press Secretary Josh Earnest denying any involvement. Sekulow’s leadership position in the Trump legal team means these details are more than just rumors:

Here is the important clip:

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