Jay Leno and Tim Allen Just SLAMMED Obama with THIS Joke (VIDEO)

Most things that come out of Hollywood are liberal. That’s why I LOVED watching the new episode of ABC’s Last Man Standing. Watch (below) as long-time Tonight Show host Jay Leno joins comedian Tim Allen. Leno plays a mechanic named Joe who sold an Impala to Allen’s Mike Baxter character.

Watch (below) as they take a perfect shot at President Barack Obama. You have to see this…

Here is the transcript:

-Mike: You have a pit. I’ve always wanted a pit. You can’t have a pit these days ’cause of zoning laws. [Chuckles] Obama.

-Joe: Yeah. Yeah, you know, that’s his master plan. Invade Texas, establish a new world order, and then take everybody’s pit.

With a great sense of humor, both comedians make a shot at Obama’s support of big government and burdensome regulations. Hilarious!

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  • And before any of you liberal dumb dumbs open your dumb dumb traps again, he has been known to speak out against Obama. Look it up, if you can read that is.

  • Um, the Tim Allen character on Last Man Standing is written to be a chauvinistic asshat. The writers are MAKING FUN OF YOU! Jay Leno is a liberal as they come.

  • The only association I can make with that joke is this: obummer make me sick in the "pit" of my stomach. :/

  • a) Sounds more to me like they're mocking right-wing extremists.

    b) It wasn't even that funny. Vaguely pointed, but little else. Hardly a slam on anyone unless you're that desperate..

  • VON; YOU mentioned some of the Highest Celebs. like Tom Selleck, Eastwood w/ his Empty chair Rhetorick, & Willis.....they are real funnymen who are Conservatives......I have to leave to finish my Laughter ......Ha....Ha.....!!,

  • Those two are the best. Too bad the rest of the hollywood idiots like to lick the obama boots. Except for Selleck, Eastwood, Willis, and a few others.

  • I think you have this backwards. This video actually insults the right wing loonies who blame Obama for everything (he has nothing to do with Zoning laws) and seriously thought he was going to invade Texas. I kind of miss hearing about any invasion in the news.

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