Actor Jason Biggs Under Fire for Malaysia Airline Tweets

File this under “Things that make you say ‘Oh, shut up!'” Within minutes of news reports that a Malaysia Airlines jet had crashed in the Ukraine, “Orange is the New Black” actor Jason Biggs managed to tweet something completely crass.


A civilian jet shot down by accident over a war zone? What a barrel of laughs! Especially since it was clear there were no survivors among the nearly 300 people on board. Twitter responded with outrage – and instead of apologizing, Biggs sunk even lower.

“Was your sense of humor on that flight?” asked another.


“Way too soon for a joke like this; families don’t even know,” another follower scolded him.


Biggs responded with a series of defensive tweets, telling people not to follow him if they don’t like his sense of humor…“Hey all you ‘too soon’ a—–s- it’s a f—–g joke. You don’t have to think it’s funny, or even be on my twitter page at all,” the actor wrote.


“Truly- you losers are literally trying to find s–t to get angry about. Channel your issues elsewhere,” Biggs said…The “American Pie” star has a history of making controversial tweets, including cracking wise about Ann Romney and late “Bachelorette” contestant Eric Hill.

What a jerk. I’m not one to sacrifice humor for political correctness, either, but there was no humor to be found in this situation. Swing and a miss, Biggs.