James Woods has Perfect Response to Starbucks’ ‘Racial Bias Training’

Known for his funny takes on Twitter nowadays, former actor James Woods weighed in on Starbucks’ recent closure of 8,000 corporate-owned stores to train 175,000 employees about “implicit racial bias” for four hours. In case you’ve forgotten, this day of training was in response to two black men having the police called on them in a Starbucks store by a manager. (RELATED: Audio Released in Controversial Starbucks Arrest).

The situation could’ve easily been avoided, and neither “side” was without fault. The two men didn’t make a purchase before lounging in the store (though to their credit, they were waiting for a friend), which is against store policy, but on the other hand, the manager called the police on them only a few minutes after they entered the store. What there wasn’t any evidence of was racism, but Starbucks decided to cave to the left-wing mob branding their entire company as such.

Their solution? Something that hundreds of studies have proven doesn’t work, diversity training. Woods tweeted out an account from an employee who suffered through the training, in which he explains what the “correct” response is to an offending customer. (RELATED: Eric Holder Will Help Train Starbucks Employees on ‘Racial-Bias Education Day’).

In response to the cartoonish parody of what Starbucks thinks human interaction is, Woods, captioned his tweet “And then #BigBrotherStarbucks will help you with potty training…”

Comedian Joe DeVito reacted “Good Lord. The job of the barista is to make coffee, serve coffee, and clean up after coffee. Now they have to be bouncers, therapists & social workers.”

You can watch part of the “anti-bias training” video below:

Look ridiculous? Indeed – so ridiculous is this all that even the “Daily Show” parodied this situation:

Hilariously, the parody illustrates the point that Starbucks needed to make more than their four-hour seminar did.

Just treat everyone equally – it really is that simple.

Was Starbucks’ racial bias training seminar a complete waste of time? Share your thoughts below! 

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