Andy Lassner, an intellectually-challenged producer for the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, blasted Trump supporters by insinuating they are helpless, useless, and/or lazy.

Lassner took issue, as he often does, with Trump’s Twitter feed, criticizing the President for ‘riling’ up his supporters through social media.

No worries though in his mind since those very supporters pose no threat. Just ask him …

“I love how Trump takes to Twitter to try and rile up his followers,” Lassner wrote. “Like a bunch of nameless/faceless people with MAGA and PATRIOT hashtags in their bios are going to do a f***ing thing.”

Yea, what could a bunch of MAGA supporters possibly do once they’re p*ssed off enough at the establishment and the status quo here in America?

Oh, that’s right.

Conservative actor James Woods provides a brief lesson in recent history.

“We put your old, drunken hag back on the sidewalk where she belongs instead of in the White House where in fact President Trump is at this very moment,” he wrote.

Wow! That is a weapons-grade devastating response.

Let’s fact check that tweet:

Old: Check

Hag: Check

Lost to Trump: Check

Drunken: Hmm… Let’s check with Hillary herself in that one. During a commencement speech to Yale graduates, Hillary said responded to her humiliating defeat to Trump by taking “long walks in the woods,” spent “hours going down a Twitter rabbit hole” and had her “fair share of chardonnay.”

So … Check!

Patriotic MAGA supporters did that, Mr. Lassner!

Seriously, how could the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” producer have possibly forgotten what Trump supporters are capable of? It only happened a year-and-a-half ago, and quite frankly, Hillary has been reminding everybody about it every day since.

Lassner is your typical unhinged liberal who frequently spouts off at the mouth.

For instance, after many people provided moments of silence or prayers to the victims of the horrific shooting in Sutherland Springs, Lassner took the opportunity to play politics. (RELATED: Hollywood Liberals Respond to Texas Church Massacre Exactly As You’d Expect – Deplorably).

Good to see another oblivious liberal running their mouth in Hollywood and all but assuring us of a second term for President Trump.

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