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General James Mattis Mentioned By Trump As Secretary Of Defense Nominee

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This weekend, President-elect Donald Trump is at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey to interview for cabinet positions in his administration.

Yesterday he met with Mitt Romney about the Secretary of State role and former Chancellor of the District of Columbia School District and charter school advocate Michelle Rhee about running the Department of Education.

He also spoke with a potential pick for Secretary Of Defense. The man he spoke with is a retired general that is relatively unknown in the civilian community but beloved by those in military circles. If confirmed, he could be the first former general to head the department in some time.

James Mattis is considered a “Warrior Monk”. He is a scholar of military history and tactics and is considered by many to be a preeminent military mind.

He would need to be granted a waiver from Congress as there is a law stating that no military personnel can run the Pentagon before being retired from the service for seven years. But his appointment would be proof that President-elect Trump is serious about making our military great again!

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