Doesn’t it feel great to know the adults are taking over?

After years of watching the Democrats blow through trillions of dollars and increase government payrolls by untold thousands, it’s refreshing to hope and know President Trump and his trusted cabinet are really going limit government growth and cut back on the excessive waste.

That brings me to General James Mattis, our new Secretary of Defense. When he walks into the room, his presence calls for respect and admiration, and he will definitely give the same. But know one thing, he’s got a huge job to do and he’s the kind of person to make things happen with no excuses.

From Daily Caller:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis took his first steps toward creating a more efficient and effective military by issuing two memos which aim to streamline operations and free up capital.

The first memo called for the reorganization of certain undersecretary roles, a chief innovation officer, an improved chief management officer position and the optimization of cyber operations.

After putting the Pentagon on notice about streamlining operations, Mattis informed them what he was planning to do with the U.S. military:

The second memo called for the establishment of “cross-functional teams” to be formed across military services in order to avoid the duplication of capabilities. Both memos were addressed to the deputy secretary of defense.

“It is my expressed intent to field a larger, more capable, and more lethal Joint force,” said Mattis in the second memo. “It is incumbent on each of us to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective, efficient manner possible.”

Mattis is not there to make friends and chew gum, he’s there to work and help make America respected and safe again. And he’s not there to be coddled. The guy carries his own bags. He’s a no-nonsense, hard-working military patriot who deeply loves the country. And make no mistake, if he has to move mountains past lazy workers or fire them, he will.

What do you think about Mattis’ memo to the Pentagon? Do you trust Mattis to reform that department? Share your opinions below in the comment section.