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Jackie Evancho Impressed Everyone at Trump’s Inauguration – Now She is Slamming Trump Publicly

Teen singing star Jackie Evancho became a world-wide celebrity after performing at President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

Her album sales on Amazon soared, and she was quickly signed to a record deal.

Now, Evancho has turned on President Trump and joined liberal activists in denouncing Trump’s action to overturn Barack Obama’s Executive Order calling for schools to allow transgender students to use any bathroom… regardless of if the student is male or female.

Evancho went on Twitter and issued a challenge to Trump directly.

As ABC News once reported, the issue is personal for Evancho because her sister is transgendered:

But as Jackie prepares to perform, her 18-year-old transgender sister, Juliet Evancho, is also preparing for a life-changing event — undergoing gender confirmation surgery.

“Normally, we’d go out and support Jackie but this is a big, big moment for Juliet,” their mother Lisa Evancho shared with ABC News “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang. “We’re just going to have her SRS procedures on sex reassignment surgery.”

While their mother will accompany Juliet for the biggest transformation of her life, their father Mike Evancho and the two younger Evancho children will be in Washington, D.C., cheering on Jackie.

“Go big or go home,” said Mike Evancho. “If I sat and maybe thought about it, I would probably be really stressed out.”

Since her sister first came out publicly as transgender, Jackie said she’s been “really excited” for the day when Juliet could undergo the surgery.

This is an issue of safety. Men shouldn’t be allowed in the women’s restrooms, ever. There are too many examples of dangerous situations involving men abusing these new bathroom rules. This is a safety issue.

Evancho should stick to singing and skip the politics. President Trump played a major role in her career, and this shameful move is disrespectful.

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