Ivanka Trump Is Slammed By Liberals For Giving Her Daughter A White Dog

First Daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted a picture Saturday of the dog she had bought for her eight-year-old daughter Arabella.

There’s nothing more innocent than this, right? There’s no way anyone would attack such a precious gift to a child?

Wrong. The hysterical left went after Ivanka because the dog was completely white.

We’re not making this up.

Ivanka Trump wrote, “Meet Winter, Arabella’s birthday dream come true and the newest member of the Kushner family!”

That’s when Claude Taylor, who worked for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns in the 1990s and also as White House volunteers director, tweeted, “The dog will fit right in. #itswhiteenough.”


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Actress Yvette Nicole Brown, a black woman, then jumped in, tweeting, “Good thing it’s a white dog. Your dad hates the blacks.”

Do these people honestly believe the daughter of the president went looking for an all white dog to make some sort of a statement? It’s absurd on its face.

Yet, the absurdities continued. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted, “How darling. I see you skipped a rescue and went straight to an Aryan breeder. Does it sit and sieg heil yet?”

Founder of the 1990s rock band “Marcy’s Playground” Jared Kotler tweeted, “Pro tip: when everyone hates you for being a spoon fed nothing grifter who’s full of s***, an advisor to the president who doesn’t advise, when you want to seem human and get a dog, maybe a shelter dog would show humanity. But all white and blue eyes is on brand. F*** off.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome At It’s Worst

These attacks on Ivanka Trump for giving her 8-year-old a cute dog says for more about the attackers than the Trump and Kushner families.

The left is mentally ill. No one with basic compassion and decency would mock such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is absolutely a real thing. If this doesn’t prove it to any doubters, nothing will.

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