It’s Back To Work For The GOP And The President

There are several top issues that are on their agenda.

By David Kamioner | February 6, 2020

Now that the impeachment saga has come to a close the administration and its GOP congressional cohorts can go back to doing what they were elected to do: run the country.

While the Republican members of the House are for now outnumbered in that chamber, there are deals that can be worked out with House Democrats and sent to the GOP Senate for approval and subsequent presidential signature.

There are other issues, like federal judicial appointments, that thankfully are solely in the hands of the president and the Republican Senate.

The president will continue to send qualified conservative jurists to that body for a vote. His impressive total of 191 federal judicial appointments so far in his administration has done amazing things like turning the formerly notoriously leftist 9th Circuit Court into a solid shade of conservative red.

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And to paraphrase Trump, the fun is just beginning.

The president mentioned in the SOTU that infrastructure was on his mind. Like the recent USMCA trade deal with Canada and Mexico, he may be able to get a big bill on infrastructure through the Democratic House because Big Labor will pressure Pelosi to pass it.

The bill would bring billions in federal dollars to the construction and transportation industries and create a great number of jobs. The only reason it wouldn’t pass is because Pelosi may not want to see the president get the credit for it in an election year.

Spite before economic progress, the modern Democratic Party creed.

Under the general infrastructure umbrella there is an actually bipartisan highway bill that the Senate Public Works Committee advanced last July. It hasn’t got to the floor for a vote as of yet. The current five year highway transportation bill expires at the end of September 2020.

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The president will continue to push for funds for the border wall and border security. Democrats may compromise somewhat on this as they know both measures evoke poll numbers that range into the 70 percentiles in support.

Dem proposals that are DOA in the Senate include net neutrality, universal background checks on gun sales, and funding to burn down the Reichstag.

I kinda made that last one up.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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