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Islamists Hack Beloved Religious Figure To Death

Radical Islam is on the rise.

Global Jihadis are hell-bent on destroying and controlling the world and murdering “infidels.”

A country where this is happening with more and more frequency is Bangladesh. They are killing professors and activists and their latest victim is the most bizarre yet.

Via BBC:

Police in Bangladesh say a 75-year-old Buddhist monk has been hacked to death in the south-eastern district of Bandarban.
An official said the monk’s body was found inside a Buddhist temple.
It is the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities, secular activists and academics.
More than 20 people have been killed by suspected Islamists in the last three years.

Is there anyone less of a threat and more “peaceful” than a Buddhist monk? Not to mention an older one at that? If radical Muslims TRULY think that old Buddhist monks need to be murdered, then there isn’t a lot of hope for the rest of us!

Luckily Bangladesh isn’t messing around and is QUICK when it comes to dispensing justice.

Unlike America, they aren’t afraid to give out the death penalty to terrorists!

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