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ISIS Murdered A Professor Because Of This!

A man holds a portrait of Bangladeshi Professor Siddique, who was hacked to death by unidentified attackers, in Rajshahi on April 23, 2016.

All across the world we are seeing ISIS threaten and kill those who disagree with them.

And it isn’t just happening in what we think of the “Islamic” world. From Europe to America, Muslims are demanding that their way of life be respected and accepted by all, no exceptions!

And sometimes, like this week in Bangladesh, it can have deadly consequences.

Via BBC:

The daughter of a Bangladeshi professor who was hacked to death in a murder echoing the killing of several secularists says he was not an atheist.

So-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind the death of Rezaul Karim Siddique, who was killed on Saturday.

A statement from the militant group accused him of “calling to atheism”.

But his daughter Rizwana Hasin told the BBC that her father believed in God, and that she had no idea why he was targeted.

“The investigators are investigating still, and we are still waiting to see the results,” she said.

“We still don’t know what was the reason. Maybe [a] misunderstanding, maybe something else. It’s still a maybe for me and it’s still a maybe for my family.”

That’s right, if ISIS thinks you MIGHT be a non-believer they think they have right and the duty to hack you to death.
This is just the latest in a string of killings of those critical of Islam in Bangladesh.

Disgusting. We have to do more to defeat ISIS. Share your thoughts