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ISIS Has Infiltrated A Massive Syrian Refugee Camp

For months, President Trump, national security experts, and foreign leaders have warned that ISIS may be hiding within the refugee population fleeing Syria.

Obama and the liberal media have dismissed this as “racist” and “islamophobic.”

Now, there are claims coming from NBC News of all places that confirm what others have warned about. ISIS has indeed infiltrated refugee camps, so much so that military pilots refuse to fly over the infested camps:

Officially, it is located in a demilitarized zone. However, the pilot of the Jordanian military helicopter used during a recent NBC News visit wouldn’t fly over it for fear of being shot down by ISIS cells in the camp.

The Al Rukban refugee camp is on the border of Syria and American ally Jordan. The Jordanian armed forces consider it to be a place rife with hostiles:

Brig. Gen. Sami Kafawin, commander of Jordan’s army in the area, told NBC News that militants there “have whole weapons systems … small arms, RPGs, anti-aircraft.”

He added: “They consider the camp a safe haven. We consider it an imminent threat.”

Jordan is so wary of the camp that they closed their border to Syrian refugees last year and only allow food shipments to the camp via a crane that is on their side of the border with Syria.

There have been regular attacks this year and daily gunbattles inside the camp, according to Kafawin. He estimates that up to five percent of its residents — about 4,000 people — may be militants.

Syria’s government lost control of this area years ago, and its border posts lie empty. Rebels opposed to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad control the neighboring region.

This is why we need extreme vetting and a temporary shut-down of our refugee program. The countries these people are coming from can’t even control their own refugee camps, and yet we’re expected to just let these people in? I don’t think so.

These people deserve to be free from ISIS, and so do we. We have to put strong vetting in place to make sure that ISIS isn’t sneaking into this country more than they already are!

Do you support President Trump’s actions to make this country safer? Share your thoughts.