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16 ISIS Fighters Killed When Faulty Suicide Vest Detonates In Meeting

ISIS isn’t the smartest bunch of people. Despite essentially running their own country, they still believe that God wants them to subjugate women and “infidels”, marry children, and behead people for the crime of thinking the wrong thoughts. Despite Obama calling them the “JV squad” and constantly proclaiming them “on the run” they continue to threaten Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Europe and the United States with their fanatical violence. Regardless of how silly they seem, they are a villainous foe that must be vanquished at all costs.

But every once in a while their stupidity catches up to them, and we can laugh at their idiocy.

Via Daily Mail

A major terrorist attack by ISIS was foiled by a faulty explosive device before it had even began.
16 of their fighters, including senior figures, have reportedly been killed when the malfunctioning suicide vest went off in one of their meetings.

WHOOPS! They got what they wanted, didn’t they? Are they still gonna get their 40 virgins? Or do they only get ten for the effort?

Here are some more ISIS fails (WARNING: Some of these are graphic)

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