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IRS Admits to Leaking Confidential Information Used Against Mitt Romney

(Obama Campaign Co-Chair Joe Solomese and President Barack Obama)

The socially conservative  group National Organization of Marriage (NOM) accused the IRS of leaking documents to the Obama campaign in 2012. After going public with their accusations, a top Obama campaign official Joe Solomese actually used the information to attack Mitt Romney during the election, with the help of left-wing operative “journalists” in outlets such as the Huffington Post. The documents used shows that Romney donated $10,000 to NOM, which is information that was not supposed to be known by anyone else… except the IRS.

As The Daily Signal reported, the IRS’s actions were so egregiously illegal that they agreed to pay $50,000 in damages to NOM after leaking confidential information to a leading gay marriage group in a blatant attempt to help Obama steal the election:

Two years after activists for same-sex marriage obtained the confidential tax return and donor list of a national group opposed to redefining marriage, the Internal Revenue Service has admitted wrongdoing and agreed to settle the resulting lawsuit.


The Daily Signal has learned that, under a consent judgment today, the IRS agreed to pay $50,000 in damages to the National Organization for Marriage as a result of the unlawful release of the confidential information to a gay rights group, the Human Rights Campaign, that is NOM’s chief political rival.


“Congress made the disclosure of confidential tax return information a serious matter for a reason,” NOM Chairman John D. Eastman told The Daily Signal. “We’re delighted that the IRS has now been held accountable for the illegal disclosure of our list of major donors from our tax return.”


The Daily Signal is seeking comment on the settlement from the IRS and Justice Department.


In his order entered this morning, District Judge James C. Cacheris granted the settlement of NOM’s suit against the IRS, which was represented by the Department of Justice.


In February 2012, the Human Rights Campaign posted on its web site NOM’s 2008 tax return and the names and contact information of the marriage group’s major donors, including soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. That information then was published by the Huffington Post and other liberal-leaning news sites.


HRC’s president at the time, Joe Solmonese, was tapped that same month as a national co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Although that amount hardly covers just the lawyers fees — not to mention any punitive damages or how invaluable this illegally obtained information was to the Obama campaign — it is still a victory over the IRS.

Here is NOM’s statement:

“It has been a long and arduous process to hold the IRS accountable for their illegal release of our confidential tax return and donor list, which was ultimately given to our chief political rival by the recipient,” said John Eastman, NOM’s chairman and a member of the ActRight legal Foundation team that brought the lawsuit against the IRS on NOM’s behalf in October, 2013. “In the beginning, the government claimed that the IRS had done nothing wrong and that NOM itself must have released our confidential information. Thanks to a lot of hard work, we’ve forced the IRS to admit that they in fact were the ones to break the law and wrongfully released this confidential information.”


NOM said that an investigation revealed that its 2008 tax return and list of major donors was released to Matthew Meisel, a gay activist in Boston, MA. Email correspondence from Meisel revealed that he told a colleague that he had “a conduit” to obtain NOM’s confidential information. While testifying under oath in a deposition in the litigation, Meisel invoked the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination and refused to disclose the identity of his conduit. Documents obtained during the litigation prove that Meisel then provided NOM’s tax data to the Human Rights Campaign (whose president was a national Co-Chair of the Obama Reelection Campaign). The information was also published by the Huffington Post.

If life was fair and laws were enforced, IRS officials would be seeing the inside of a jail cell for many years.

But President Obama acts as if he is above the law, and the people he surrounded himself with were willing to do ANYTHING to ensure victory in 2012. America deserves answers and justice over this blatant election fraud.